Calling ALL HetaOni fans!

Calling ALL HetaOni fans to vote for it to get it turned into an Anime. While it’s not THAT likely, there will be no chance of it period unless we show Hima-sama, and Tomoyoshi that we truly DO want it to be done! EVERY SINGLE PERSON COUNTS IN THIS!!! (Onegaishimasu!)


One Hilarious APH America-Centered Doujinshi that you just have to read.

A while ago, I was shown an hilarious Hetalia Doujinshi, and I wanted to share it. I promise you you’ll laugh. I just love Chubby!America :3

Title: Love Handle
Description: A humorous collection of short stories about how certain countries react to a really big America
Part 1 –
Part 2 –
Part 3 –